Writing daily is easier

Seth Godin writes a blog post everyday. He's written over 7000.

He won't be writing another blog post tomorrow because he feels like it. But because it's tomorrow.

I've been writing daily for a couple of weeks. Writing daily is easier.

The ideas come quicker. Perfectionism isn't an issue when you have to write something everyday - not least because you're aware that at least 50% of your posts will be below average.

I used to write when I felt like it. But after months of writing nothing my motivation only waned further. And when the moment struck, my writing muscles had atrophied so much that what I wrote really was pure garbage. Writing daily keeps the muscles primed.

I can't think of a single negative to writing a blog post a day. Every creative person should do it. It's a place to get your ideas out of your head. You get to argue with yourself and stress test your craziest thinking.

The real magic happens when you share it. Because sharing your writing with the world is a generous act - even if no one reads what you write, yet.

I've not promised myself to write everyday for a year or some other arbitrary goal.

Just to write everyday.

And that feels doable.