What is marketing?

It’s not advertising, SEO, CRO, analytics, social media or email.

They’re merely tools to achieve a goal.

Marketing has a horrible reputation. Which is mostly deserved. But behind the charlatanic scammers, lie foundations that are built on creating positive change in the world.

Marketing increases uptake of the polio vaccine, raises money for Children in Need and changes the culture around race, sex and disability.

In less noble causes, marketing helps small businesses grow, giving greater quality of life to its owners and their employees.

Small businesses that are good at doing empathetic marketing, give consumers more options to avoid selfish corporates - decreasing carbon emissions and more fairly distributing wealth.

I started out as a marketer. And then I fell wildly out of love with it. But lately, with the help of Seth Godin, I've come to love it again.

For that love to remain within me, it’s essential that I stick to a set of core marketing values.

Those values are empathy and service.

Empathy and service don’t achieve “hypergrowth” but they do promote honest and sustainable growth. And that’s the sort of marketing I got into this game for.