Rescued from the dip

In January this year, my first child was born.

Holding him in bed while my partner rested I began to watch hours of Sadhguru videos. I’d dabbled with his talks for three years but hadn’t committed to his teachings yet.

Since then I’ve gone in deep.

Today I experienced, for the first time, the major benefits of the yoga and meditation I’ve practiced this year.

But first let’s go back to early 2019. My partner and I were travelling in Tbilisi, Georgia, when I experienced multiple panic attacks. It was the culmination of a trend of erratic behaviour that had started a year earlier while in Medellin, Colombia.

If my mood was just slightly off I’d go into freak out mode in crowds. A moderately busy supermarket would do it.

Fast forward to this afternoon. We went out for dinner and for some reason I was feeling off. I could feel myself falling off the cliff - these events often lead to 3 or 4 days of downers. But this time I caught the drop and managed to bring myself back into the real world.

I put it all down to the meditation I’ve been doing.

You can give it a try. Search Isha Kriya Meditation on YouTube and follow along.