Tracking finances

For a year I tracked our finances closely.

But the overly analytical nature of financial apps bored me. Counterintuitively, it also made me more stressed about money. Every last penny had to be accounted for. Every last expense had to be scrutinised. We stressed about going out for a meal on the second weekend of the month because it might stop us from going out on the last weekend.

The main point of tracking finances is to save money - for retirement, mortgage, a rainy day - but the apps force you into a state of obsession, where every expenditure must have a deep reason for existing.

Which isn't for me. So I changed it.

Now I follow pay yourself first. And don't track a thing.

It's so simple.

I get paid. Remove the tax. Add some to mortgage deposit account. Add some to savings. Some to investments. And then spend the rest.

That's it.

Similar result, 100x faster.

Now that's efficiency.