The volatility of one source of income

The volatility of one source of income

Earning money from one course, my job, makes me fragile to randomness that's outside of my control.

Sure, I own part of the company but that doesn't mean much until we sell it.

If the company fails, I lose all sources of income. With a baby due in less than two weeks, that's simply not an option. So I've got to do something about it. Since early 2019 I've been toying with the idea of creating a product for B2B companies. A product that will help them to shorten their sales cycle. But fear, travelling, and other BS excuses got in the way.

My aim is to make £100. Nothing more. Once I achieve that I'll set another goal. But I'm not thinking about what the next goal will be. It doesn't matter without making the first £100.

Have you thought about how volatile your job really is? A freelancer with 5 clients, void of benefits, a pension and insurance is more robust than us. They lose a client, they have 4 more to earn from. We lose our job, we lose 100% of our income. Job security is now a fallacy.

Therefore our only option is to learn the art of self-sufficiency outside the comfort of our 9 to 5.

How will you reduce you volatility in these deeply fragile times?

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