Tarantino ADHD

Quentin Tarantino spoke about his troubles at school on Brian Koppelman's, The Moment, podcast.

He's been linked with having ADHD in the past. This episode confirms it for me. He talks about reading advanced novels, those read by his teachers not his peers, at 12 years old.

He sucked at everything apart from English and History. He only passed the History exams because he'd learned about the subject from watching films. And his skill in English came from reading and writing his own stuff. The schooling system didn't do anything for him.

This mirrors my experience with school. But, during those years, I didn't have anything, other than music, that I was super in to.

Now though, I realise that the only way to survive is to follow my keenest interests and forget about chasing some arbitrary goal.

We need more stories like Quentin's to make those of us with ADHD feel more positive about our futures. We'll get nowhere if we follow the "script". If you're ADHD and struggling with life it's time you start walking to the beat of your own drum.