Do the work (take a punt)

Perhaps your assertions are correct.

Or perhaps they're not. You'll only find out by shipping something - code, writing, video - to a group of people waiting to hear from you.

The only thing you can do wrong is to do nothing.

If you fear judgment, work under a pseudonym. If you fear writer's block, Seth Godin will tell you that it doesn't exist (and you'll see why he's right).

What's the worst that can happen?

Someone might dislike your work. At least they're not indifferent to it. Them disliking it likely means that someone else will like it. Without creative bravery your work will suffer the same fate as every manufactured musical artist on earth - dry, banal, boring, vanilla crap.

If you're still nervous, read Seneca's On The Shortness of Life and realise that your fears are futile.

“The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately.”- Seneca

Do it for others. Ignore the metrics.

Paul Jarvis wrote 'Fuck stats, make art' in response to the business world obsession with results. Results-oriented work is almost always of the manufactured music variety: Crap.

Even if your work impacts just one person, it's worth it. You don't automatically earn the right to reach more people. That will come with time and consistency.

Likewise, your creativity isn't an act of self-indulgence. It's the chance to be generous. To help a person see the world a different way - a shift in perspective that may help out of a difficult situation.

It's time we stood behind our assertions about the world and stopped the selfish act of keeping those thoughts to ourselves.

It's time to take a punt.