Stuck at a crossroads

Nassim Taleb said, in his commencement speech to the American University in Beirut, the best advice is to ignore other people's advice.

I'm currently building up a coaching practice, specialising in ADHD and Autism. And I love it. But there's always an itch that needs scratching to follow other things I'm interested in. The loudest one being DeFi and Blockchain.

I'm not a developer, but I understand how Blockchain works. After interest rates crashed to almost 0%, DeFi looked like the best place to store my money. So I took Nat Eliason's DeFi orientation course and started storing my crypto assets in a MetaMask wallet. Now I can earn 10x what the banks can offer in interest and learn about this new Web3 world along the way.

The problem is that if I stick to one thing then I'm sure to make faster and better progress than by taking on multiple projects at the same time. I already spend 3 days a week helping a tech company grow, so squeezing all of this into the other 4 is unrealistic.

The battle now is how I balance the two - or drop one and remain disciplined enough to not start playing about with the thing I dropped.

This is easily what I'm worst at in this world.

Any suggestions?