Removing options

Optionality is a financial term used to describe the right, but not the obligation, to take an action.

My 20s was all about options. The freedom to go to Bali after selling my company. The option to move to a new city. The option to start a new project whenever I felt like it.

The problem with optionality, especially for ADHD, is that it can stop us from committing to anything long enough to do anything truly worthwhile.

The reason I write everyday is because it removes the option of not writing. I write whether I feel like it, or not. Like Seth Godin, I'll be writing tomorrow not because I feel like it but because tomorrow is Saturday.

So while it seems that the holy grail of life is to have the freedom of unlimited options, for someone like me that can be more of a curse.

My 30s are already starting to feel like the decade where I'm able to commit better to the projects I start. And that's only possibly via the removal options.

Sorry Nassim Taleb, options aren't the route to a truly free life.