Overachieving sickness

Whenever I speak to a very ambitious person I'm often miffed by their obsession with the future. Incessant goal setting forces them out of the moment.

For them, life is one long series of goals and achievement. When they achieve their current goals they immediately set new ones.

Isn't that sad?

How long can this cycle last? Will they die with a set of unrealised goals? Will they have ever appreciated this moment? Because this moment is all that exists.

I know a guy who claims he doesn't have friends that don't set ambitious goals, as if exceptional achievement is the marker of a great human being.


Overachievers have a sickness. One driven by a lack of love and attention.

Unfortunately, considering there are no knights and warriors conquering nations today, our society wields these goal fiends as heroes. But underneath their success is a soul who craves approval.

I know exactly how they feel because I used to be one. But it's a prison of our own making and the faster we can escape the better us and everyone around us.

As I've progressed my yoga practice I've come to realise that there are few greater feelings than that of complete and total no-thingness. In those fleeting moments during meditation when there are no thoughts. I am in this exact moment and there is a little space between me and my mind.

Only then do you start to realise how our minds, through need of approval and obsession with achievement, have control over us.

If nothing else, yoga is a technology to get back in control of our minds .

As Sadhguru says "it's time we read the users manual".