I don't have a passion

I don't have a passion

Apparently we're entering into the passion economy. Where jobs as we know them will soon turn into a global network of freelance creators all creating what they want for small niche audiences. Sounds lovely. But it's ideological and I don't buy it.

There is asymmetry at play that is seldom talked about. It's the same asymmetry that's putting bricks and mortar retail stores out of business - for every John Lewis, Debenhams, Curry's, PC World and Toys R Us there's just one giant Amazing swallowing up all of what we once knew as high street retail.

And for every person with the passion to teach yoga, there are a million other passionate yoga teachers with no audience. Copy and paste in a thousand other common passions and you catch my drift.

The earliest will win. The Lindy Effect will set in, where the creators who've been at it the longest are likely to be doing it for the furthest into the future. There will be one or two exceptional outliers that join the market late and do something special. But for the most part we're about to live in a world full of me-too yoga instructors who are teaching identical flows to the others without an audience.

After reading about the passion economy I tried to think about what my passion is. Well, I don't have one. I am passionate about the work I do. But I could never convince you that my passion is financial technology. I love aircrafts. But so do a million other people. And the pilots have all of the skin in the game to create a much better (and bigger) audience than me.

So instead of following my passion and succumbing to the apparent rise of the passion economy, I shall stick to getting energised by helping small businesses get better each day and leave the passion chasing to someone else.

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