Hit the bloody ball

I've been playing cricket since I was 13.

My greatest downfall has been pre-empting the shot before the ball is bowled. This is a big no-no and often leads getting yourself out.

Being goal driven in cricket - or any other sport for that matter - is futile. And yet the point of sport is to win, right?

Yes. But every team, every player, every country wants to win. But only one team does. Merely wanting to win is not enough.

Which is why elite sports stars focus much more on the process than the event.

And yet us amateurs, in sport, business and (sadly) life, obsesses over the event so much that we fail to do what's required to achieve what we want.

Transforming from a goal driven person to a process driven person takes immense commitment.

But as Sadhguru said to Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag "forget expectations, just hit the bloody ball".