Good conversation

We're spending this week with family.

They're fantastic conversationalists. We get into the deeper subjects - psychology, mental health, politics - that I often miss out on.

I find getting into these deeper subjects cleanses my soul. And yet, for many, this type of conversation fills them with enough rage to cause acute hypertension.

What little we don't agree on we treat with courteousness and respect - we're always open to listen to other opinions to see if they can meld and reshape our own. That openness I find is the key to growing through great conversation.

If you're closed off from other opinions - because you believe you're right (always) - you've just arrived at the end of knowing. It's only through admitting that you don't know anything that the chance of actually knowing becomes a possibility.

Remember what Sadhguru says: "what I know I know and what I don't know I don't know".

It's a great mantra for life.

Try using it next time you're in conversation with someone you don't agree with.