Finding your own box

This post-industrialised world urges you to stand in line. To fit in.

You can choose to play by the rules, or you can create your own. If you choose to fit in you'll always be playing catch-up with the neurotypical person who can sit for 8 hours and remain awake during meetings.

If you choose to create your own box you can craft it however you like.

A good friend of mine is contemplating his future. He's stuck inside a failing startup that has bled him dry and refuses to consider his differences. He's ready to strike out on his own but the voice inside his head is telling him to find a new job, rather than start a business.

He can't let that fear dominate him and force him back into the line.

He's starting to realise that he doesn't need to wait for permission to start a business or go freelance. This is a great first step towards freedom.

The next step is to sit comfortably inside his own box.