The other person's shoes


Seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.

Some people are blessed with natural empathy. Others, sadly, find it impossible.

Empathy is vital in business. Which is funny because we often associate successful CEOs with high-performing sociopaths. And many of them are, but seldom are they the ones who created innovative products or changed the world through new technology.

Marketing, without empathy, should just be called guessing. Without understanding what causes people to buy your product how can you know how to do that consistently?

And sales, often depicted in Hollywood as the sleazy car salesman, is actually near enough impossible without empathy.

Empathy can be learned. But not in books. If you want to develop your empathy, go and work face-to-face with people and help them with their problems. You’ll soon find that without seeing the world through their eyes, you’ll not be able to give them the solution they need.