You'll never be the best at fitting in

So don't try.

There are many people who are great at fitting in. They do well in an industrialised world of cogs and order.

But not you. You'll never fit in like they do.

ADHD can be viewed as a gift or a curse. Which one often depends on which side of the bed you got out of this morning. When we view it as a gift we begin to create an environment that we can thrive within. One where we accept that we can't focus in meetings, but we can think laterally and form ideas that create unfair advantages for our customers, our employees and ourselves.

School forces us to fit in. If we get the best grades, we'll get the best job. But what they don't tell us is that job is made for people who fit in, do what they're told and be obedient. We're none of those things and we never will be.

Fortunately the internet made it easier for us to make a living doing what we're uniquely interested in. Whether that be scarf making, logo designing or making funny videos on YouTube.

It's given us the chance to be ourselves - but first we need the confidence to go against the grain.

And that can only start when we accept that we'll never be the best at fitting in.

So, in the words of Charles Bukowski, "don't try".