Don't delegate it all away

Don't delegate it all away

Dan Sullivan's new book, Who Not How, introduces a process for entrepreneurs to ditch what they're not good at. And then delegate those tasks to people who are better suited to do them well.

Part of me loves this idea. For many, many tasks I am the worst person to complete them. Anything repetitive, fuggedabout it. While I support the premise of Who Not How I feel the book has a major flaw.

Dan didn't actually write this book. He came up with the idea, wrote a pitch and delegated it to someone else. Dr. Benjamin Hardy.

Dan discusses his desire to achieve audacious goals without having to do any of the work at all. This is what I don't like about the book. It creates a narrative around the outcome being all that matters.

But what about the practice? Honing a craft, putting in the reps, finding flow and creating work you can be truly - in the deepest recesses of your soul - proud of?

For that, Who Not How does not make sense.

It's a tool. Like any other business tool. That when used in isolation could be dangerous - a potential regret creation tool.

So for the things you're really, truly not good at. Find yourself a WHO. But for the creative work that matters, find yourself a practice.

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