Do you realise how insignificant we are?

In this cosmos, our galaxy is a small happening. In the Milky Way, this Solar System is a speck. In that tiny speck, planet Earth is a super-tiny speck. In that, your city is a micro-tiny speck. In that speck, you are a big man! People have lost perspective of who and what they are. - Sadhguru

What we do here doesn't matter. Not really.

Oliver Burkeman calls this cosmic insignificance.

The planet will continue to spin. The oceans will flow. The Universe will expand.

If global warming breaks the planet, we'll all die. But the planet will thrive.

We believe what we do matters. We believe we should leave a legacy.

The arrogance!

This self-importance is stifling us. We overthink decisions, because we're afraid of the consequences. We avoid creative risks, because we're afraid of looking stupid. We break our businesses because our psychological reality destroys actual reality.

All the information you'll need to build a successful business is on the internet.

Information isn't the problem. We are.

Our psychological melodrama gets in the way. Our bloated importance replaces reality with our distorted view on reality. So we make poor decisions that lead to failure.

Some say only 20% of business success is due to skill. The rest is psychological. That's an understatement. Google's engineering team has given you a portal to all of the business questions you could ever have.

But it can't solve your psychological problems.

For that we need inner engineering.

Your inner engineering process starts when you realise how insignificant you are.