Disconnect from the outcome

Goals are limiting.

They're a figment of your imagination, restrained by your memory.

When Sadhguru says that he hopes your dreams don't come true, he's not being evil or morose. He knows that our imaginations are limited by our past experiences. But the potential future is boundless.

Goals force us into a future state of mind.

If we put one eye on the goal, we'll have only one eye to show us the way.

Instead of setting a goal of building a unicorn, why can't we aim to help as many people as possible solve a problem that's causing them pain?

Do we believe that these goals help us to better serve our customers?

I don't think they do.

The goal of building a unicorn is inherently selfish. 99% of companies get big by exploiting their customers.

Our job - as creatives and entrepreneurs - is to merely do the work unattached from the outcome.

And yet I see little evidence that our outcome-driven western world can cope with such a shift in mindset.

But I hope I'm wrong.