Building resilience

Building resilience

There's a line in Seneca's Letters from a Stoic that reads "The geometrician teaches me how I may avoid losing any fraction of my estates, but what I really want to learn is how to lose the lot and still keep smiling".

Beautiful. So prescient. So relevant to our modern materialistic and greedy times.

We spend much of our life earning money and then when we have it we spend too much time worrying about losing it. The money, both pre and post-wealth, is our master. Seneca knew this. He saw greed and pompousness all around him in ancient Rome. Today we see it all around us on social media. The difference today is that most of what we see is fake. Fiction created by the modern age charlatans and gurus.

Seneca is dividing the external motivation of wealth and status from the internal motivation of peace and virtue. Where the geometrician represents our thirst to hang desperately onto what we believe is ours, the stoic believes that everything belongs to mother nature, and that a peaceful and virtuous life is to let go. To be free of the shackles of greed.

Only then will we be on course to building true resilience.

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