Beware of advice

Everything I write here comes with a disclaimer: your mileage may vary.

This blog is autobiographical. What I share, even though it's written for you, is only a reflection of what I've experienced or noticed.

Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook are littered with advice. "You should learn to code"; "you should set yearly goals"; "you should start a business".

The answer to "should I learn to code, set goals and start a business" is - it depends.

It depends on infinite variables.

And I know that these "advisory" posts are written to grab attention, but people take them literally. Following advice that's not meant for you will rarely bare fruits. And will often lead to pain and misery.

I have a rule: ignore all 'actionable' advice unless it solves a problem I have in this exact moment.

Unactionable advice, the stuff that forces you to think deeper, that stuff is valuable.

But as always, your mileage may vary.