An open letter (to myself)

Stop avoiding commitment to projects you know are important.

Yes, you're interested in many things but without commitment to one thing you're spreading your average self too thin. The result = nothing of any merit.

Do one thing well, says David Hieatt.

When did you last feel good about being in business? When did you last feel fulfilled while building a business? Too long to remember.

In Kuala Lumpur, back in 2019, sat in a room that would rival a British sauna, you admitted that helping neurodiverse people was what you wanted to do. And for two years you've dipped your little toe in before turning back to your comfort zone. Now is the best chance you'll ever have - and possibly the last. It's time to ignore every fleeting curiosity and commit yourself to this once and for all.

The neurodiverse community needs you more than you know. It's time to go for it.