Admitting, I do not know

Nassim Taleb says erudition is the highest virtue.

I don’t agree.

Being information smart is less valuable than it’s ever been in the history of humankind. Yet we still place knowledge accumulation on a pedestal.

Practicing yoga pulls you away from this limited mindset because it opens the door to higher dimensions. Knowledge is limited only to the physical world. This is where logic lives. Yoga requires an openness that transcends logic which often leads people into a state of denial or confusion.

But yoga, unlike religion, isn’t asking you to believe anything. It’s simply asking you to try it for yourself. Only through your own unique experiences will you know the full truth.

“I know what I know and I don’t know what I don’t know” - Sadhguru

Which is why “I don’t know what I don’t know” holds the greatest possibility. As Sadhguru says “I know is the end of knowing, but I don’t know is limitless. Only through admitting I do not know can we reach the truth”.

Being humble enough to admit “I do not know” is going to be infinitely more valuable than erudition.