Routine: the key to being an ADHD parent

It’s 20:10 on Saturday evening. I’m writing this in the living room with my six month old son’s cries spilling through the baby monitor.

Usually this would cause weapons grade distraction. But I just completed two rounds of Wim Hof breathing so my mind is focused on writing.

Wim Hof breathing isn’t the antidote to ADHD. But it does play a major role in the routine I use to keep myself calm as a parent.

The key to being an ADHD parent is routine.

It’s everything.

When my routine is out of whack, my parenting falls to pieces. This adds pressure to my partner which can lead to tension between us.

Routine, routine, routine.

A scary word for the fly by the seat of your pants ADHD person.

But as I begin my 30s I’m beginning to realise that the routine, although sometimes boring, is what gives me the ability to perform well in life.

I’m often hesitant to share my routine with people. Firstly, because it’s always changing and secondly because this is what works for me.

I spent years following the exact routines of others in some dire attempt to emulate their success. It never worked of course. How ridiculous to think that emulating someone else will lead to identical success.

In short, I do some meditation, some yoga, some exercise, some breathing techniques and take cold showers.

Very similar to many people. The way I do it is probably unique to me. But that’s because I’ve spent much of the past five years working on it.

So, get a routine. But only borrow ideas from others. Create one that is truly your own and try not to share it publicly - you’ll only lead them into patterns of confusion and failure.