ADHD can be a strength (no matter what they say)

The ADHD reddit (r/ADHD) tends to block people from talking about ADHD as a strength.

This is madness.

I can understand why it's unrealistic to claim that ADHD is always a strength, but to ban people from taking an optimistic view on the disorder can only hinder our ability to change the public perception - a perception that has seen us readily drug kids so they sit still, do what they're told and stay in line.

People with ADHD have strengths and weakness, just as neurotypical people do. Only in ADHD those strengths are highly focused on a small number of talents. If we focus the conversation on ADHD to the negatives, or only the struggles we face, then we're going to suffer a lack of progress that should see us help the vast majority of people diagnosed with the disorder to thrive in their lives.

The better view is that ADHD can be a superpower if managed correctly. And that starts with accepting that it's an important part of you and to learn where your unique strengths are and how you can use them to live a good life.

ADHD can be a strength, no matter what the Reddit