Hi there, I'm Joseph Pack.

This site has no agenda, no mission and no reason for existing outside of the fact that I want to write a blog.

I skipped university and from 21 had a successful marketing career consulting for Patagonia, adidas, Levi's, The North Face and more, through an agency I founded called Nativve. In 2016 I had some seizures, woke up in hospital and wondered what the fuck I'd been doing running around after corporate clients and chasing wealth.

I shifted from admiring Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos, to writers and philosophers like Alain de Botton, Nassim Taleb, Epictetus, Montaigne and Neitzsche. I started this blog to help me on that journey to building a practical philosophy of life that focuses on reality and the things (actually) matter. Like questioning materialism, accepting the slow and hard route, how to be self-aware, never complaining about what isn't in my control, how to be creative, learning, research and strategy.

I’ve taught lectures on Digital Marketing & Remote Operations at General Assembly, Manchester University and MMU and marketing training to major global brands.

I'm currently Co-owner and Chief Customer Officer at CreditStretcher, trail running in the Peak District and looking after my, ready to burst, pregnant fiance.